Individual Courses

Online Lessons

Learn from home through online courses with a personalized teaching and at your own pace ! Great for busy working adults!


  • Comfort of being at home

  • Cheaper than face to face

Children Lessons

Younger you start faster you learn!

Children have the specific capacity of learning a language faster than adults as long as you have the right method.

One to one classes are great because we get to build activities your child will like.

When teaching children, we use music, short videos, games, arts and crafts, roleplays and we also do cooking classes!

We want them to learn in a fun way.


  • Pick the day and time that suits you

  • Learning at his/her own pace

  • Lessons based on their likes and personal needs

  • Lots of time to have fun while learning

Adults Lessons

Friendly courses with an enthusiastic teacher focused on speaking through games, songs, role-plays and a bit of grammar to undertand the language. 

We give you the tools to manage yourself for your next trip or your expatriation!

But not only! We also go further by helping you understand the French culture and humour


  • Learning at your own pace

  • Pick the day and time that suits you

  • Lessons based in your personal needs and likes.

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