french course for kids

Little Unicorn Course

Your child is at least three y.o. and you 're thinking about hiring a French Nanny to initiate him/her to French ?

This is a good idea. However do you know what would be a better idea?

Hire a French teacher!

Do not worry we are not talking about regular French classes. Come on your kid is three y.o.

We are talking about a fun and pleasant moment each week where your kid will play in French, sing and dance in French and create in French!

We built fun activities for young children to learn the basics while having fun.

Who knows, maybe one day you'll get back from home with fresh and warm crêpes or let's get crazy, une galette des rois!

french spanish courses kid

Kid Course

Your kid has started French or Spanish at school and you're feeling like he's not progressing much or enjoying it? Or maybe you simply want him/her to know a second language because let's face it it is a real plus for his/her future career.

With this course, your child will learn to:

Introduce himself/herself ;

Express his/her feelings ;

Express his/her likes and dislikes ;

Talk about his/her family ;

Talk about his/her daily life ;

Show his/her house ;

Talk about the weather ;

Tell time ;

Shop ;

Get around the kitchen and cook local pastries or cakes ;

Talk about his/interests ;

Discuss school ;

Discuss the environment issues ;

Get around the city ;

Prepare a trip ;

Go to the doctor ;


All of this through reading, singing and dancing, videos, arts and crafts and roleplays.

gcse alevel french spanish

GCSE's or A'LEVEL Course

The exams are in a few months and the tension is growing!

No se preocupe, we are here.

The first lesson will be to assess the level of your child and from there we'll work out a plan to get him to success.

We have access to past papers, mark scheme and example answers. But not only, we also have teaching ressources used by schools to fill the gaps.

Once we know the exam board and his/her level, we can plan a strategy and set mock exams.

Our job is to help your child succeed but also gain more confidence. This is why our teachers will always be encouraging, positive and patient.