business french spanish course

Individual Course

Are you a French or Spanish company employing native english speakers?

Do you have French or Spanish speaking clients you want to impress?

Have you applied to a job in a French or Spanish speaking country or you intend to move and work abroad?

We can give you the tools for your next interview and make you able to work in your industry abroad. 

Or we can help you impress your French or Spanish clients and maybe close a deal!

Our course is focused on speaking through games, role-plays, videos and documents based on your work industry.

With this course, you will learn to:​Introduce yourself professionally Communicate on line and on the phone ;

Go on a business trip and organise it ;

Order at the restaurant and attend a business lunch ;

Introduce your company ;

Discuss projects and goals ;

Give a presentation ;

Find a job and go to an interview if that's what you need ;


Of course, we will tailor the course to your needs, industry and requirements.

business french spanish course

All in this together Course

Whether you are a French or Spanish company employing native English speakers or having French or Spanish speaking clients , we'll help them to express themselves and understand the language while going on a work trip abroad, send and answer emails, make calls, understand a meeting and give a presentation.


See the individual course for the specifics of what they will learn.

All documents will be based on your work industry.

They will learn through games, roleplays, business documents and videos.

This course will go beyond the simple teaching of the language, it will boost the confidence of your employees, help them bond and create a nice work athmosphere.