Bonjour! Buenos Dias! Hi!

Welcome to La Vie en Rose Teaching!

The only online French and Spanish school that actually knows how to improve your speaking skills in this language you've been trying to learn for so long. Yes, you read well. We can help you. We will help you. 


But first, you need to know a few things about us. We are not a regular school offering French classes or Spanish classes. What we mean is we won't bore you to death with grammar and tenses lessons at every single class. The thing is we know what it is to learn a language. All our teachers used to live or live abroad. So they don't only have the knowledge to teach you but they have the experience. They understand what you are going through. That's what makes La Vie en Rose Teaching so unique.

Our French classes and Spanish classes are fun and taught by friendly native teachers you can pick yourself based on their personality and interests. Their goal is to give you the tools to handle yourself in any situation you might find yourself abroad or if you need to develop a project like buying a house or finding a job in a French or Spanish speaking country. 

They will help you reach your goal. 

More than that, they will help you to discover and understand the French or Spanish culture and even experience it. How you may say?

La Vie en Rose Teaching uses its own structured curriculum created to make you speak and understand the language spoken by natives in their everyday lives. Por supuesto, you'll have to learn a few grammar rules or tenses but you'll learn it all with this amazing programme we made for you and through music, movies, newspapers articles, books and roleplays.

One more thing, we regularly organise speaking meet-ups in London. The opportunity for you to practice your speaking skills with other students and one teacher. The teacher will lead the session so everyone can speak and interract with others. All of this around a nice Petit-déjeuner or an Apéro.

Are you still wondering if you are at the right place? Pas de problème! Choosing the right teacher can be as tricky as choosing the right coffee place. You need someplace cosy, someplace with a friendly athmosphere and someplace with a good coffee selection!  Well, check out our selection!

We're waiting for you. Hasta Luego!  


Marc B.

Cinema Manager

There are teachers and there's La Vie en Rose Teaching! I've been taught by two of the team with Laureen as my regular teacher and their approach is friendly and involving, not to mention fun!

Especially as they use songs and fun videos about interesting subjects to engage me. I really can't recommend the team enough!

They all adapt to your needs and never make learning a chore or a bore! Almost a year in and I'm already moving ahead so much more!

Philippa A.

Mother of a GCSE Student

Laureen taught my daughter French in preparation for her GCSE. She was flexible with days and times and was happy to increase class frequency in the final run up to the exams.

She focused my daughter on the specific skills and techniques required for the specific elements of the exams. She made the classes enjoyable and helped improve my daughter's confidence.

Charlie P.

Mother to a 3 y.o.

We were first introduced to Laureen at a weekend French class we were attending. We watched her first hand interact with children  of all ages in the classroom. She was not only highly recommended  by fellow parents but, by the principal herself.

As well as offering fabulous tuition, Laureen is caring and supportive of each child's needs. Over the past year, Laureen has built a wonderfully nurturing relationship with our son. She is always keen to bringing  various resources and planning their time together.

They undertake different activities and no two weeks are the same; something that works really well for a 3 y.o. Often they bake together wich is exactly the hands on approach we wanted.

Laureen is brilliant at communicating with us too and we always feel as if we understand the progress he makes week to week.